Hi, I'm Kristopher Ruzic

City of Calgary | Summer 2017

Software Intern
  • Helped write specifications for OSS analysis and deployment
  • Assisted in the design of a large scale IOT infrastructure
  • Developed, tested and deployed IOT applications on CloudFoundry
  • Assessed and evaluated cloud and open source procurements for use within the City
  • Researched and tested private blockchains for corporate use based on Ethereum

MRO Electronic Supply | October 2016 to May 2017

Junior Software Developer
  • Developed a multitude of online reports to expose database contents in a user-friendly way to sales and shipping teams
  • Helped design and plan future development based on requirements specified by end users
  • Utilised HTML5, CSS3 and other modern standards to implement new and useful features in existing codebase

Nexedi SA | May to November 2015

Software Intern
  • Developed simple method to deploy and install ERP system loaded with a big data framework for working on large information sets using Ansible Playbooks
  • Created "Developer Terminal" for exploring the HATEOAS API on the ERP install to facilitate learning it quicker and to enable developers to build webapps of the API responses
  • Worked with and built extensions to the existing ERP, adding functionality using available tools and workflows
  • Daily exposure and usage of ERP, to manage and work on projects using web-based text editors and other development tools
KCheques is a simple Rails app that allows you to mock up fake cheques easily
A prank website I made as a Christmas gift
Flask app serving bad reviews of XKCD (note: I still love the comic!)