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About Kristopher Ruzic

Hi I'm Kristopher Ruzic, a generalist software programmer and passionate advocate for FOSS, decentralized computing and self-hosted infrastructure.

In my spare time I'm working on a yet-to-be-released FOSS federated forum platform, and various Nintendo Switch homebrew development projects. I'm a huge fan of self hosting and I run, administrate and configure various cloud applications for my personal needs. I believe the future of computing and the internet depend on emerging decentralized technologies like anonymous cryptocurrencies (shoutout to TurtleCoin), federated social media and uncensorable storage solutions. I do everything I can to empower these platforms, if you're savvy you may have seen me a few places :)

I'm aspiring to be a bit of a blogger, I write about my programming experience and really anything to do with computers here. If you'd like to get in touch or learn more about me, please see my CV.

Notre Dame, Paris